Monday, January 31, 2011

Isi Hati Irina: I'm Sorry, I Love you...

When it's coming to relationship it's always about understanding, argument, sharing , loving, care, angry and etc...

Sometimes people said the misunderstanding will lead to big argument... The intention only to express what we feel but will lead to misunderstanding... What would we do if there have some uncomfortable feeling inside? Should we let it out or only keep to ourself?

I think starting from now i have to save it to myself. I don't like any argument because it will lead to uncomfortable feeling when we face the person. It's true it's all about trust and mutual understanding...

I'm really sorry if I've made any mistake or hurt your feeling. It's not my intention to hurt you that way. 

No people intentionally want to hurt their loves one.

~i''m sorry i love you~


  1. sob2.. sabar yee.. kadang2 kite xperasan sume itu.. ape yg perlu.. buang suma ego yg ada.. the -ve thing..n enjoy ur life..

  2. tuela... kadang-kadang apa yang kita cuba sampaikan dah sakitkan hati dea... saya x berniat pon... tp dea okay jer... saya sayang dea... ^_^