Thursday, January 30, 2014

Toy Museum, Teluk Bahang - 12.01.13

Toy Museum, Teluk Bahang - 12.01.13

Penang Toy Museum is a toy museum located at 1370, Mk 2, Teluk Bahang (Next to SJK (C) Eok Hua School), Penang, Malaysia. With more than 110,000 toys, dolls and other collectible items, it is the largest toy museum in the world. The 1,000 square meters museum, opened in 2005, was also recognized by the Malaysian Book of Records as the first toy museum in the country. The museum is visited by an estimated 100,000 visitors each year. Operating Hours: 9am to 6pm daily Contact: 012-4602096
Chucky! Tak suka tgk takut...



King Kong, nampak tak ada gegel kat tangan..

Ang ang ang... 

Tenage mutant ninja turtle... lalala

Joker n love...

3 of us!

Thanks to papa.

Irina the Mama


  1. wah thanks atas infos ini. saya ni belum pernah lagi bawak anak2 ke toy museum ni.. dok lalu saja.. kena masuk juga ni.. best!

    1. Tue la kat penang pon banyak lagi benda yang belum explore. kn?