Friday, December 10, 2010

Isi Hati Irina : What ever!

It’s what I want to said right now. I really don’t want to care about other that being selfish. How could you do this to me? This not the first time that you not comply your promises! It’s not about you had other or plans to do other this beside to do what have you said! I have enough to trust, care and love you but what have you did?
As beginning I created this blog is to say what I feel and what I want to say. It’s not my style to break people’s feeling. But did other people thinking the same? It’s really sad actually but life is tough. So, what bygone lets bygone. I’m thinking to be selfish sometimes but I do care about others feeling that hard to make them sad. Sigh…
I been lots of trouble this couple weeks but I manage to stand up because of everyone that loves me so much. I being sick and manage to comply what I promise and I planned. I know they understand that I not in good condition but I didn’t what want to break that promise because once you break it, it’s hard gain other trust again.
Maybe I’m too sensitive. Yes, I admit it!
I do care about your feeling and I need your understanding sometimes. Please friends, don’t break your promise unless you have good justification and people can accept it.
Are there exist "Sorry" word in your vocabulary of life?
Your break the promise like you breaks your friend’s heart!
What come around will come around…
Today might be your day but we never know what tomorrow will be…
It's all about my feeling... Irina

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