Monday, November 29, 2010

Isi Hati Irina : Pissed Off!

If you think that good enough, pls mind yourself to think about others feeling. I'm not sure that you read this blog or not but i really piss me off.

I really don't know what actually in your mind right now. Please bear your mind that now you working with adult not a little child that need to guide and teach everytime. It's okay if you talk nicely to the person what you expect from them. But to act like you're the boss and giving some bulls***t instruction make the person more ignoring what you said.

Please also understand that others people have others job besides what you're doing. Don't expect the people there when you need them because they also have they own job to comply.

Since morning i only heard you're screaming to everybody and i hope you really know to talk nicely to other if you're seeking for their attention! This just an advise.

Totally no mood today!

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