Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Isi Hati Irina: Oh Handphone, thing that i never left behind!

My handphone!

I guess many of my friend also like myself, never left behind their hp.

After woke up in the morning i check my hp.

Then before goes to work check hope again.

When start car engine check hp again. In case left it out.

Arrived at office parking check hp again.

Then arrived at workstation check again.

I placed my hp just next to my pc. In case not hear any sms or call.

Then if going to meeting, or other place carried my hp with me. In case urgent call.

Time to go back. Check hp in case left at office.

Then at parking before start engine, check hp.

Arrived hp safely check hp again.

Then at home make sure placed hp at hall and put high volume ringing. In case not hear the call or sms while cooking, housekeeping or bathing.

Then make sure i can see where my hp when watching tv or online on internet.

Before sleep placed hp next to me. Set alarm and send nite sms.

All my day fill with my hp!

I love my hp... without "it" i can't go anywhere peacefully... :)

Mood: Sengal!

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