Monday, September 26, 2011

Isi Hati Irina: Something that i've wrote... #2

8 April 2009

Today I feel want to write something that I think should write. L I know that I already breach our deal. But don’t you think that what happened just now shouldn’t be happen? Did I that bad until u called me liar? Sometimes I can’t accept your reaction when I fail to do or do what u dun like to do. You always are on the right side and I always am the bad one. Then why you still want me to be your friend? I’m not perfect and always get emotional when facing any problem. The perfection is your priority. That the thing that I learned since knowing you. At this time I lose interest to do my work. Actually I really want to explain and cleared this matter. Sometimes we were acting childish. As I mention to you earlier I not good in writing. I didn’t know how to express my own feeling. Sometimes I feel lonely, sad, frustrated and anger but I didn’t know who the person I want to share it. Sometimes I know others than myself. That what I feel right now. You always told me that you’ll be always be on my side whenever I face a problem. Kak Yan would be my first person if I face any problem. I know what happened if I called you first. So bad to talk about friend like that but it’s true. Look back what happened before. I can’t remember what the exact situation now but I didn’t feel want to share it with you if have any problem. I rather find Kak Yan if occurring any problem at workplace and also my own life. I feel exhausted of true friend.
Its true when I said that you don’t trust people. I still remember long time ago I have said something about trust. 

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