Monday, September 26, 2011

Isi Hati Irina: On My 27th Birthday

Happy Birthday to you!
3rd April 2009, Fri 2:01pm
This is dedicating to my very best friend...

Tomorrow you will be 27
Means that it has been 9 years we know each other
I remember when we first met
We were in same English class
The gorgeous Miss Lina's class
I love to tease ur name
Coz u have the same name like Arni Nazira the singer
We became best friend after few occasions
Even we were so different but we still manage to be friend
I talk loud, you are always the soft one
I'm bit rough, you are the gentle one
I can easily get angry, you are the patient one
I am too lazy, you are lazy too but because of my laziness you always do the job
I'm a tomboy type, You a bit girlish
I like to force you to do anything but you never complained
But still we became friend until now
You always know not to disturb me when i keep quiet
Coz u know I am angry at someone o something on that time
You never disturb me when I was sleeping
Coz u know i'll be pissed off
But you never mad if i disturb you while u sleeping
You are the only person until now who knows when i'm happy o angry
You always can find things that I lost even i did not mentioned it to u what is that
That makes me always amaze of you
We both like everything
I was too lazy back then but i'm so lucky
I have you to back me up
You were so patient teaching me even the final is just the next day
You never complained or scold me
We share almost everything while we are in college
The laughs, sorrow, joy, sadness and happiness
You always patient and still can smile even ur loved ones hurt you
You always there when I need you
You were there witnessing every single happiness and sadness that i've been through
You are too kind to me from the beginning until now
I can never find a person to replace you
No one can understand me like you do
Nowadays, we always apart
Sometimes because of our business or laziness we didn't contact each other
But still we manage about that
I try to hate you but I can't
You are always get a place in my heart even we are far 
Now my friend,
I wish you Happy 27th Birthday tomorrow
May all your wishes comes true
Hope you will find your true happiness
I am happy if you are happy in whatever terms
I hope this friendship will last until our last breath

So to you my friend, Arni Hasliza,
Happy Birthday again and like I said....go find ur soulmate before it's too late ('',)
I hope you will get hitched this year...hehehehe

Azreenawati @ Adik

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