Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Heart not beating

Oh mai,
Tgh tgk Ohlala couple korean drama kt 391. Tetiba one scene dat perut dia sakit.
Dia tgh early pregnancy n scan kt klinik. Muka doc berubah like my doc masa p cek kt klinik dl. Exactly same reaction.
Ur already miscarriege, didnt hv heartbeating. Memang sedih sgt when u hv to face it alone. Husband not there beside u. Then u alone at hospital before CUCI ur thing. :(
I take it as ujian dari Allah SWT. Sejauh mana kasih syg kami, bersyukur dgn rezeki dariNya.
Semoga dipermudahkn rezeki kami. Amin.

p/s: watching this now i exactly know how the feeling seeing doctor alone, referring to hospital alone bymyself, suffering also alone. But tks Allah SWT gv me this experience dat make me more grateful n appreciate ppl dat love me most.

Thanks Allah SWT.

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