Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Isi Hati Irina: 4 April 2007 (In Memory)


Malam nie agak emosional. Every year before my HB mesti akan rasa same feeling. Why?

Sebab on my 25th birthday my best friend passed away. 

On 4 April 2007, teusday, very very busy day for us in manufacturing factory.

I have received sms from my best friend wishing me birthday. Actually this 1st time that she wish me. As usual she asking about marriage. Then, in my mind keep saying that, "i'll reply her sms later cz too bz today".

Then after work i and my friend go to Bukit Jambul just having dinner but yet no birthday celebtration coz my sister still at factory. Actually we working at same place. 

Then i back home early and received call from my best fren Sabrina that telling me Sal already passed away. Of course i can't believe the news coz we juz texting each other in the morning.

Then she ask me to go to GH. Ya Allah SWT, what i can say now?

I call my best fren and asking him to accompany me to the hospital. And yes, there lots of my school fren are waiting. Now, i have to accept the truth that she's gone.

She was accident otw back from work. She was riding motorcycle and suddenly bus crash into her to avoid another vehicle. What i heard the case still not close until now coz her husband can't accept the amount that was agree by court. He still want to fight until satisfied with the specific amount. But now he already married after a year she's gone.

When the accident happen, she was pregnant 4 month. Actually she gonna told her husband on the day that she was accident. Nobody know about this including her parent.

I went to her house to see her for the last time. No word can describe at that moment. 

Shocking news on my birthday. Every year on my birthday i always recite Al-Fatihah and always miss her. :(

I always love you my fren, Arwah Salfarina. Semoga ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang beriman. Al-Fatihah.

Nur Athirah, satu-satunya anak arwah.

Sekian, Wslm

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