Monday, November 14, 2011

Isi Hati Irina: There's she hurt again!


Today I want to write in English. The thing is people use to afraid they will make grammar mistake. When you make a mistake then only you can be better person. If not trying and keep learn then you will lose somehow.

Okay, I just straight to the point. Here we go again. When you love someone including your boyfriend/girlfriend, family and friends you'll easy get hurt when they can't comply your need. As example that they already promise to accompany you to the mall or something then on the day that you're going, she telling you that she have another planning with her friend. Some more that you call her to confirm the date. Why she not call herself to cancel it at the beginning?

Are you have this kind of people? Always last minute cancel the appointment, date, holiday, and anything we are planning. Either we plan it earlier or last minute plan its never happen with her. I really don't understand what up with her. For the beginning, she the one really excited make out some plan and the end she the one not joining.

Actually this not 1st time that she cancelling to join the event. Almost every event that we plan, she not there. What she care only her best friend.  Did her best friend there when she have problem with her love story? Or her finance problem? or her life problem?

What I can see now, they only hang out when ever when she gets pay and spend day only with their friend. Now I can see what type of people that only with you when you get into trouble or problem or only when you're happy . All I can say now, just go out from my life because I don't want to get myself get hurt any more.

What happen now? What you think between us? Not only me but everybody. She make uncomfortable situation between us. I just can't look into her eyes because I really frustrated what she's doing.

She only care about others but not people surrounding her. That always there when she's in bad day.

I only want to write it here. If she read this I only want to say that we love you so much but you make us like no one. In your life we not exist I think.

What ever! This not the first time I write about her. I'm not try to insult her but only to make myself better.

Sigh. May Allah SWT bless us always.

Your truly,

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